Sunday, May 19, 2013

Frilly Scarves made with Red Heart Sashay

I have seen and loved these scarves. 
 I really enjoyed making them in the end more than I did wearing them. 
 They are so light and fun that even in Spring and Fall 
these will be a great addition to most wardrobes.
I don't know which color I like better, I have made 
about 12 - 15 colors for friends, family and co-workers.  
Fun to make and easy to wear for girls of all ages.    
This is Red Heart Sashay yarn which is a net style yarn.  
I knit most of them, but I am currently crocheting one too. 
These scarves end up about 2 - 3 yards long (give or take).
Beautiful - I have seen them being sold for about $10 - $25.
I think I just enjoyed making them more than anything else.

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