Sunday, May 19, 2013

Frilly Scarves made with Red Heart Sashay

I have seen and loved these scarves. 
 I really enjoyed making them in the end more than I did wearing them. 
 They are so light and fun that even in Spring and Fall 
these will be a great addition to most wardrobes.
I don't know which color I like better, I have made 
about 12 - 15 colors for friends, family and co-workers.  
Fun to make and easy to wear for girls of all ages.    
This is Red Heart Sashay yarn which is a net style yarn.  
I knit most of them, but I am currently crocheting one too. 
These scarves end up about 2 - 3 yards long (give or take).
Beautiful - I have seen them being sold for about $10 - $25.
I think I just enjoyed making them more than anything else.

Blah, Blah, Blah ...... AGAIN ! ! !

Got a new full time job and let the 
Blog posts and the book reading and the review writing fall to the side.   
Hope that a new year (school year) will bring a new determination.  
Now that I have an idea of what a full time job entails I am hoping to manage my time better.  
Will start with some of the things that I have been doing just NOT posting about.  
Will try (I always try) to catch up.  
May or may not be able to catch up.  
Goals are bigger than time allotted sometimes but here is hoping.
As always, Wish Me Luck.