Monday, September 12, 2011

Wild About Harry by Linda Lael Miller

Living after the death of her love, her husband Tyler, Amy Ryan had finally started to function on a normal level. A job she was good at, a routine with the kids she could endure, but after two years she was now dreaming so clearly of Tyler, she would never know why. Tyler was insistent that she meet one of his friends, Harry Griffith, and no matter how Amy tried she had no idea where the thought had come from. Missing the funeral of one of his oldest and best friends, Harry had to stop by and see Tyler’s widow. Never having met her before, the first look he got of her told him exactly how lucky his friend was. Instant connection and as Harry could see himself falling for her if he wasn’t careful, he knew that after his past experiences he had better be extra careful with her.

A quick, easy, basic contemporary romance, the whole ghost/vision story to added to it. As a ghost/vision, Tyler was kind of arrogant and mean at times. The widow, Amy was a little bit of a flake. She had survived two years without any real help and she can make a choices, but put this man in front of her and she is so unsure of herself. Harry is the adventuring, multi-millionaire - so suave but the occasional jerk too. Very basic, older romance. ( )
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