Monday, September 12, 2011

Where Do We Go? by James F. Weinsier

After the death of family, friend or even a pet, most kids have questions, they just might not know how to ask them. This book asks those questions about where they go, what it is like for them, the weather, smells, holidays, games, colors, magic or if those of us left on earth can feel or see what they are doing. There is no answer for each of these questions, but the overall, simple answer is “in the hearts of all those who love you”.

After a recent death in my own family, my kids started asking some of these questions again. While they are a bit older than the age group that this book is intended for (I would estimate as young as the 4-8 age group), the same concerns are there at all ages though. The words were in a sing song rhythm of poetry that can make it almost fun for children to explore the different options and questions they have. The curlicue font was not as easy to read as it is pretty to look at but the illustrations (by Cliff Beaman) are fabulous in a way that almost tells the story and asks the questions without the words. Since the book doesn’t give an answer (probably for the best since that allows people to input their own beliefs), this is the perfect book to help allow kids to open up and start that discussion that they might not even know they wanted to have. Simple ending with a simple concept and a great conversation with the kids that have experienced loss. ( )
August 11, 2011

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