Monday, September 12, 2011

Wayfinder by C.E. Murphy

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Finding the magical ivory staff in the mortal world may not be the toughest part of her quest to help fix the part of fairyland that the Truthseeker in Lara Jansen was coming to know as Annwn. Returning to the land of the fae only to find out Ioan ap Annwn truly believed that Dafydd ap Caerwyn may be dying from the wounds he sustained helping her. To find Hafgan, the Unseelie King, who was in the same place in the Drowned Lands that Ioan had left Dafydd to either heal or die. Facing all the trials to get to the memorial gardens with the help of only Aerin, the tall beautiful Seelie warrior that Lara had to trust and that had to trust Lara in return. If they expected to head off Emyr’s impending attack on his enemy, keep Hafgan from taking revenge, heal the Drowned Lands and the Barrowlands, they may have to ask for help from more places than they ever expected to.

Book 2 ….. Enjoyable from the fairytale beginning, middle to the end. I really enjoyed the progression of Lara’s powers, the interactions with Dafydd, Ioan, Aerin and Kelly was so much better in this one than the first one was. Going from the tailor’s apprentice to a magical truthseeker that learns to control her power as it grows into a wayfinder, a worldwalker, a worldbreaker, and a gatekeeper. In the first book I struggled with Dafydd as the prince of his people, but his redemption (in my mind) was easy, gentle and complete in this one. There are so many characters, but since it is the second book (and it seems to be the end), it is easy enough to follow the characters through their adventure, conflicts and triumphs. Really liked the interaction between the worlds, royalty, goddess and each other. I was lucky enough to receive this as a reviewers copy, but I am very interested in reading more of C.E. Murphy’s books after this great reading experience. ( )
September 5, 2011

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