Monday, September 12, 2011

Undead and Unworthry

Now that she was married to Eric Sinclair, Queen Betsy expected things to get easier. Discovering that multiple people still wanted her dead (more specifically gone), but she was still surprised by it. To find out that the fiends that she had done her best to take care of were “awake” and blamed her of all people for the situation they found themselves in. With help like her husbands, the King, and her house full of friends, Betsy can still discover new things about her self and her new existence.

Book 7 ….. Why do I keep reading these? Ok, this one was not the worst by any means but it was still so difficult to like Betsy (didn‘t really). She is ever the materialistic, self-absorbed, silly twit that I have seen in the other books. The comedy is mostly one liners, the plot is shallow, the characters are transparent and the ending is quite predictable. It is a short read (a plus I guess), a quick distraction and every once in a while it is mildly funny in that clumsy humor sort of way. ( )

May 27, 2011

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