Monday, September 12, 2011

True Colors by Kristin Hannah

The Grey family had lived on the ranch known as Water’s Edge for generations. Since the death of their mother, the three Grey sisters (Winona, Aurora & Vivi Ann) had divided up who would help their father run the ranch. Vivi Ann was the natural choice. Although the youngest, she was the one who loved the animals, the land and the work. As the middle child, Aurora took the roll of mediator easily. After doing her best to help raise her sister, the oldest sibling, Winona had difficulty accepting their fathers criticisms of herself while it seemed to her that Vivi Ann could do no wrong, until her new husband (Dallas Raintree) was arrested and convicted of murder.

Following the lives of all three sisters for a large part of their lives spaned more than a decade. The story threw me a little at first. Started by feeling sorry for Win and not liking Vivi, then somewhere along the line realized that I didn’t like Win that much anymore and I did like Vivi. Confusing enough there, but letting Win have the opportunity to redeem herself made all the difference (sorry if that gives anything away). Overall a touching family story that has a long life filled with the ups and downs of life. Very much enjoyed the teenager perspective of Noah’s journal. Seemed in the end a perfect way to summarized the lives of the family. ( )
June 4, 2011

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