Monday, September 12, 2011

Teach Your Kids to Think! by Maria Chesley Fisk

Working as a compilation of strategies to help parents and other caregivers of children. To have and to offer the tools children will need to become independent thinkers. Teaching this to kids falls on the parents just as much as it does on the teachers at school. Learning the difference between analytical thinking, creative thinking, social and emotional thinking or practical thinking is the start to understanding how to help our children think for themselves. The approach used to help children learn all these aspects only slightly differ from each other. For any person to have the thoughtful intelligence that it takes to truly succeed, one needs to have use of all theses skills in combination with each other. Learning that helps the child and the caregiver too.

The author has compiled a vast amount of skills and tools into a concise and easy to comprehend book. The background as a teacher comes through with the adaptability of each lesson. This book is filled with definitions of these thinking patterns as well as suggestions for conversation starters and examples. I was startled by the abrupt ending. So much effort was put into an introduction and each of the sections. I expected a wrap up but it never came, just bounced right into notes and references. The reference guide in the back gives you locations for further information.

Seems to be great information, and so easy to implement. Some of the suggestions are commonly used with out even realizing that it is a thinking strategy. Other are more obviously a learning opportunity but all of them are fun to think about. That is the point, to get your mind thinking and the children’s minds around you. I am eager to start using a few that I haven’t used before and to re-assess the ones I use on a regular basis. ( )
May 23, 2011

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