Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer's Path by Scott Blum

The diagnosis of cancer left Don with only a few months to live. Not wanting to leave his wife Suzanne with the insurmountable medical bills, he contemplated ending his own life with the help of a spiritual advocate. Making the decision was a tough one, but actually doing it may have been even more difficult if his new friend Richard hadn’t been there to help his transformation from what he was enduring to what would set him free to finish his lifes journey.

Um, OK. As a contemporary fiction, the concept of the story is interesting jus not executed well. The spiritual aspect has a few good points and ideals, but it is wrapped up in contradictory and occasionally offensive theories.

This is one book that I am just relieved to have finished, I will not be reading the next book. This was an audio book and the rating / review is based solely on the work / words written by Scott Blum, not the voice. The narrator did not do any good for the story. Many times that should have been a sad statement, the narrator sounded happy and cheerful. There was and excitement in her voice for everything from a playful day at the park to writing a suicide letter. Not a great combination. ( )
June 20, 2011

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