Monday, September 12, 2011

Split Second by Catherine Coulter

Tracking a serial killer that turns out to be Ted Bundy’s daughter (Kirsten) while still reeling from her fathers recent death bed confession, Agent Lucy Carlyle and Agent Cooper McKnight are the targets for kidnapping and murder. The few moments she has off, Lucy spends trying to decipher her fathers words, until one night she discovers the remains of what can only be her own grandfather in the attic. While Lucy is dealing with her family matters, Coop takes on Kirsten while Agent Dillon Savich looks into a series of attacks on a local grocer and Agent Lacy Sherlock helps out any way she can. The CAU (Criminal Apprehension Unit) is known for being the best, will the best be enough up against so many cases at one time.

This one is all about the suspense. While it is great to see Savich and Sherlock working cases more directly again, there was almost too much work. Three cases all vying for Agent time and talent - the attacks on the grocer almost seems to be more of a distraction for Savich and took time away from the good cases and any romance brewing between Lucy and Coop. It was almost like “love at first sight” except they had worked in the same office for a while but never as close as they have to for the Kirsten case. The romance just happened too quick, too easy, almost felt more unnatural than Lucy’s personal discovery. Liked the suspense of Bundy’s daughter, the whole father / grandmother / grandfather story was great but I was left wanting just a tad bit more of the romance that seemed to have all happened off page. I will still read any more of the FBI series that Catherine Coulter writes, I just hope that the romance comes back. ( )
August 4, 2011

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