Monday, September 12, 2011

Shattered Wings by Bryan Healey

Overcoming so much in his life, John had finally found happiness with his partner Charlie and their adopted daughter Cassie. Having already put his life back together from drinking once, being laid off from his job, a job he loved and did well, led John to make bad decisions. Not telling Charlie that he was laid off, John was convinced that he could get another job before his severance pay ran out. Leaving everyday like he was heading out to work when in reality he was spending most of his time looking for a job. As option got less and job offers got even worse, John found other ways to spend his time. Even after Charlie found out what had been happening, John continued to make a string of poor choices that led to fewer options, for them all.

While I did have a difficult time getting into this story (don‘t really know why), I liked the character interaction and even the flashback type sections that gave the story of how his life had progressed and how he had come to be in a good place. To bad he couldn’t realize that he had more options from the beginning. There wasn’t’ enough of Charlie for me, and some of the decisions that John made actually annoyed me but for a time the loving relationship was nice to see (I prefer the happy every after stories). The end was not shocking to me, it probably was suppose to have been, but I could kind of see it coming. ( )
Jul 30, 2011

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