Monday, September 12, 2011

The Search by Nora Roberts

Having survived the horrific events in her life, including the death of her fiancé and being kidnapped by a serial killer, Fiona Bristow concentrated on her dogs and helping to find others that are lost or missing. Living on Orcas island had felt a safe place to be. Training a dog for search and rescue is her specialty, but when Simon Doyle shows with his pup Jaws and requests obedience training, she sets him up in one of her beginning classes. Finding out that there was a copy-cat killer out there she knew her and her dogs would have to be extra careful who they let close to them. Learning of her past and the danger of the current situation, only brought out the protective side of Simon, which was odd because the tall, lanky red head just wasn’t his type.

A suspense filled romance to be sure. So it was slow in parts while Fi was training her dogs, searching with her dogs and talking about the dogs, but the connection between Fi, Simon and the dogs was fun to see. There was needless information (his ex for example) that bogged down the story in parts, but overall it was what you would expect from a Nora Roberts romantic suspense novel. ( )
May 30, 2011

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