Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Reel Cool Summer by Martha Rodriguez

Bored on a hot summer day, Joey, his brother Danny and sister Jacqui want something to do. They want a pool, but mom says it cost a lot of money. Finding a flyer on the mail box for a movie competition with the reward of money is what gives Joey a great idea. Getting right to works on props, costumes and filming because they have only a few hours till the deadline. After a couple false starts, things seem to come together till the kids are happy with what they have done. Seeing some of the other entries at the library was fun too, but they really wanted to win. Placing third might be alright after all though.

Just the creation of the movie was something fun for the kids to do. A Reel Cool Summer is full of imagination as well as inspiration of things to do. Play acting is entertaining for the kids and so time consuming that they didn’t even realize how quickly the day went by. A great idea for a short or even a long summer project. Quick and easy to read for it’s intended age group (6-9 year olds) although the lines of words would have been easier to follow if they would have been in a more traditional block arrangement instead of being staggered like it sometimes was. Fun ’paper cut-out dolls’ style of illustrations with muted colors that just seemed to pop out the right way with a story telling power of their own. ( )
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