Monday, September 12, 2011

Possessed by the Sheikh by Penny Jordan

Realizing that her co-worker was taking her to a desert oasis was not bad enough, after arriving at the oasis Katrina Blake was promptly left by that co-worker after seeing a band of men. Seeing a women left alone did not sit well with Allessandro “Xander” BinAhmed Sayed even if it caused a problem with his current plans, he couldn’t leaver her to the other men. Remembering that his primary goal was to find the people who were planning to do harm to his half brother, who happened to be the ruler.

Save me from the arrogant idiots that are the main characters of the books I have been reading lately …. yeah, a personal problem in selecting books lately. To this book ….. Cultural differences aside, the ego of the characters are the main discord of the story line. “Use your words.” This was a not the greatest but a decent and quite frankly, a typical harlequin romance with the added interest of the plot against the ruler and the innocence of Katrina. ( )
Jun 13, 2011

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