Monday, September 12, 2011

Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter

Still in the process of recovering from a devastating and fatal car accident, Jane Parker lived a secluded life, by choice. Strange dreams of a male vampire in chains kept haunting her dreams and then she received a book. Knowing vampires were real after the research she used to do in her ‘before the accident’ life, she was curios about the desire she felt for the man in her dreams, then he wasn’t a dream anymore. Finding a way to get her to help him escape the prison he had been in, the Dark Seducer (Nicolai) had only to draw Jane to Delfina by casting a spell but even that he couldn’t remember doing. Having had his memory taken by the witches, all Nicolai had was the need to escape so that he could slay the King of Elden. Once freed, his memories started to slowly returned enough to make him question why Jane would willingly stay and help him find the people responsible for his families lose and separation.

Book 1 ….. So much happens in this, the first book oaf the Royal House of Shadows. As the dark and brooding character of Nicolai opens up, seeing the real him left no doubt about what a great family they are. Jane seemed a bit ADD at times with her over analyzing and flakey daydreaming, but the set up for this series is great. The magical scattering of all four of the siblings by the mother, while the father spelled them to seek revenge. I am excited about this series, the concept of these four wonderful authors coming together to bring the paranormal version of fairy tales ~ who came up with these great ideas?! Gena Showalter did fabulous (she is one of my favorite authors to begin with) starting this series with her vampire version of Alice in Wonderland, complete with the Queen of Hearts. I am eager to find out what Jill Monroe does with Princess Breena in ‘Lord of Rage.
(I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book) ( )
August 20, 2011

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