Monday, September 12, 2011

Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe

Far from home and the strongest memory she has is of a warrior she had met in her dreams. Needing to find out what had happened in her home of Elden, Breena stumbled through the woods till she found a cottage. Hungary and tired she entered and found food and a bed. Waking up to a bear of a man standing over her with his two younger brothers, Breena was amazed to find that he was real. The girl in his bed was the same girl that he had been dreaming about, Osborn just didn’t know how to treat her in real life. The berserker in him seemed to want to keep her but he refused to stray from his own path of protecting his brothers, Bernt and Torben. A berserker was just the type of warrior Breena needed, somehow her parents had instilled in her the desire to avenge and survive, with the help of her dream sharing warrior Osborn, she might be able to do both. Teaching her to protect herself and then leaving her to fulfill her own destiny was the plan. As she learned to fence, gained more of her magical powers and the control over them, Osborn and his ber spirit were becoming less sure of his place in her life. If only Breena could convince him to help and find someone to trust.

Book 2 ….. Lord of Rage has just the right mix of Goldilocks and the three bears fairytale and supernatural romance. Osborn is so much gentler than expected as a berserker which gave the heroine Breena a shining spotlight to be the student and teacher of their relationship. The interaction with the brothers is great and the additional information about what had happened in the attack on Elden was really interesting. Totally enjoying this idea of 4 authors getting together to write a paranormal romance version of fairytales. Really eager to see what the fairytale is and how the next author (Jessica Anderson) handles the next sibling (Dayn) in the next book (Lord of Wolfyn) of the series.
I was extremely luck to have received this book as a reviews copy, Lord of Rage is due out September 20, 2011. ( )
September 7, 2011

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