Monday, September 12, 2011

The Last Day of Kindergarten by Nancy Loewen

The last day of school can be sad, scary, exciting and even hopeful. For one little girl finishing Kindergarten, the last day of school is all these feelings. Lucky for her and all of her classmates, their wonderful teacher is there. Discussing the parts of Kindergarten that were fun and the parts that they are all going to miss the most. Helping the children to face their fears of what will be found in First grade by talking about what they are looking forward to the most, what they can expect and what will be the same. The sadness of the last day turns to fun as the day becomes a celebration of accomplishments. The proud Kindergarten class gets a chance to show what they have learned in front of family then proceed in becoming a First graders.

Fantastic storyline that is easy to relate to. I may not remember my own time spent in Kindergarten but watching my children go through it was almost as good. While I think that the book could have flowed better between remembering their time in class and their anticipation of the future. Or touched some of the deeper concerns of this emotional time for kids. I appreciated how simple it was to start the “I remember when” conversations with kids about their time in Kindergarten. I believe that point is to make the transition easier on the child and this story just might help. The illustrations by Sachiko Yoshikawa are colorful and happy, they do a great job of depicting the story as it is told. I have already offered to donate the book to a favorite Kindergarten teacher in our Elementary school. I hope she and all her classes to will enjoy it as much as my family has. ( )
May 9, 2011

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