Monday, September 12, 2011

Ill Wind by Rachel Caine

Accused of murder and running for her life, Joanne Baldwin tried to keep a low profile. When even a storm can spot her and chase her down, that’s a difficult thing to do. Of all her fellow Weather Wardens, Joanne wanted to get to the one she trusted most, one of the most powerful ones she knew of. Not knowing if Lewis would help her or turn her in was a risk she was willing to take. As Delilah (her trusty Mustang) went down the road with the storms chasing her down and only a few friends along the way, Joanne just might find a way to get her side of the story told.

Book 1 ….. What a wild ride (the book and Delilah) surprising in so many ways. The description of the weather makes it another character in the story. Wicked weather that can be controlled is a very intriguing concept for this Oklahoma resident. Wow, and then to have a fire warden and a Djinn mixed in. Have to admit that this is one of the most conceptually unique stories I have read in a long time. You can also bet that I will be tracking down “Heat Stroke” (the next in the series of Weather Wardens). ( )
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