Monday, September 12, 2011

Hot Rocks by Nora Roberts

Living her own life, her own way was really all Laine Tavish wanted. When a stranger was hit by a car in front of her store, she found it was the man she used to call Uncle Willy. After his death she was confused by seeing him as much as by as she was by his final words to her. Arriving in Angel Gap Maryland too late to talk to Willy, Max Gannon had to figure out why he was there as well as what he had done with this portion of the $28 million in diamonds that he, Big Jack and Alex Crew had stolen. Trusting an investigator (Max) was just as risky for her father (Jack) as talking with the police might be. She would tell Max about her father, her past and the words Uncle Willy had said, but only if he let her help find the diamonds and that he not turn Jack in, if he showed up.

Found out that this is a pre to a Eve Dallas (Big Jack (In Death 17.5) by JD Robb ) story. What an interesting crossover. I read this one as a stand alone, really fun. Enjoyed the character interaction with Laine and her friends in the town, they had a few really fun moments. While Max was enjoyable, he wasn’t always what you might expect of a Nora Roberts hero - still a good read. Now I just have to read a few more of the In Death series before I can read Big Jack. ( )
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