Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts

The wedding industry was something Parker Brown and her three best friends knew a lot about. Running Vows, a business all about weddings, she had gotten use to seeing the happiest days of peoples lives and now all three of her friends as well as her brother had found that one special someone. Planning their wedding would be fabulous for her as well as them, finding the loneliness as a side effect of it all was very unexpected. Having known the Brown family for so long, Malcolm Kavenaugh was amazed at how quickly and easily she became so important in his life. No matter that they seemingly came from different worlds, the just couldn’t and wouldn’t stop what was happening.

Book 4 ….. As a conclusion to the Bride Quartet series, it was very predictable. We first met Mal in a previous book and saw the interest between the two get started. Unfortunately Mal changed (or maybe he just didn’t live up to my expectations of him). I liked the inclusion of the other ladies (and their men) and it did all wrap up nice and neat, but this one was not as good as it could have been or as good as the rest of the series was. The Straight laced image of Parker and the Regular Joe image of Mal left a lot of untouched ground that could have made for a better romance. The friendships were well played. ( )
March 19 , 2011

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