Monday, September 12, 2011

Fire in the Hole by Colleen Kelli

Fire in the Hole: A Year in the Life of the World's Sorriest Stuntwoman
By: Colleen Kelli

Making the decision to separate from her long time love, who she calls Pickle, was a drastic move. Choosing to move from Los Angeles, California to Albuquerque, New Mexico may be the change that Colleen, also known as Pea, needed to finally reach her goals. Getting a new life consisted of getting a place to live, alone, going back to school and finding a job. As an actor, Colleen looks for acting jobs and finally finds a job at a local theme park only to find that they wanted her to do stunts, like falling off buildings. After a family tragedy, Colleen starts to fall apart, starts to struggle with her choices, and then finally starts to find the determination, with the help of a few good friends, to make it alright for herself.

*** "Dysfunction Junction, so that's your function." ***

Labeled as a memoir (which I don't read many of), this reads like a fictional story. One year, showing the ups and downs in her life - sounds like a life that is more interesting than the story portrayed it to be. There were a lot of people who entered her life during this transition time and while they may have played a large roll in her life, their characters in the story seemed to blend together some. I either needed less characters or more of each of them because as I read it, I found that I just didn't care enough about so many of the characters / people to know what happened next. Tough times in life can bring interesting stories and this is one example of that. I would be interested in seeing how she writes her 'previously published' novel. ( )
May 10, 2011

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