Monday, September 12, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Life came crashing down, finding a way to deal with so much change in her life left Elizabeth Gilbert in desperate need of self indulgence, spiritual enlightenment and a way to balance her life. A trip of a lifetime lasting a year would helpfully do it.

- Starting in Italy, Italian had always seemed a beautiful language so, she learned a little ad went - submersion lesions worked for her. Traveling around Italy, she gave great descriptions of what she saw, what she learned and what she ate, but was in no way a travel guide. Relaying in more of a journal - itinerary format than a “what to see while in Italy” story.
- India was the home of the ashram of her guru, staying in this spiritual housing was in no way a resort atmosphere. Even though Elizabeth finally found what she was looking for out of her months spent there, she is careful not to push the culture, ritual or even the dictates of the religion, making only observations and telling the story as if to a long time friend, very clearly trying to point out that everyone can and should pursue their own beliefs.
- The return to Indonesia for her after so long is another learning experience. In Italy she learned things about herself, visiting India helped focus her in a different way, two extremes and finding the medium ground was all that was left. Meeting someone, finding love seemed to help with that process.

An amazing journey of self discovery. If only more of us could afford to do that. I liked how the books was put together, the symbolism of the chapter arrangement. No where near a travel guide, self help book or a romance novel but a good representation of one persons journey from one point in her life to a new one. ( )
June 26, 2011

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