Monday, September 12, 2011

Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione

Waking in a cage, Shad found Runa Wagner there with him. Remembering their time together and seeing her reaction to him left him no doubt how she felt about him. Learning who was behind their abduction was horrifying to Shade and he knew his brothers (Eidolon & Wraith) would be equally shocked. Becoming a werewolf about a year before was the most horrible experience until being locked away with one of the being she held responsible for it. Wanting to blame him and hate him just wasn’t making it any easier, especially after they were forced to bond in the way of their kind of demons.

Book 2 ….. The brothers bond and affection for each other is even better in this one than in the first story. Took a while to realized the connection to the first book, other than the brothers and I really liked it. Great characters, as usual in a good series, the inclusion of other characters only strengthens the story line. Really looking forward to the next one, Wraith’s story, Passion Unleashed. ( )
June 18, 2011

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