Monday, September 12, 2011

Deeper by Megan Hart

So many summers Bess Walsh spent at her grandparents house at the beach, good memories for the most part. Now that her life seemed to be falling apart that is exactly where she wanted to be. Returning brought back memories and feeling of that last summer when she met and spent so much time with Nick. Not knowing what had happened, why he had never contacted her, he had never left her thoughts even though she had moved on. Being back, could the memories and desire to see him really bring him back to her.

There are twist and turns in this one, is he real or is he her memory or just her imagination. The way the story bounced back and forth to tell from “then” 20 years ago and “now” was a bit confusing at first but it didn’t take long to catch on. The real surprises happened more in the “then” while the “now” was all about consequences and missing that “what could have been.” I had tried to read this before and didn’t get too far so it is definitely one that you have to be in the right frame of mind to read. Not the HEA I usually read. Had to wait till the end to confirm what happened to Nick, but in the end, I enjoyed it with all the character interactions. ( )
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