Monday, September 12, 2011

Black Hills by Nora Roberts

That first year Cooper Sullivan didn’t want to visit his grandparents in South Dakota. After an encounter with a big cat in the field, he started to enjoy his times there, year after year. Life had gotten in the way and he hadn’t been back for several years, so showing up surprised himself and his Black Hills best friend, Lil Chance. The hadn’t seen each other in so long but the feelings Lil had for him came rushing back as soon as she had seen him. Their lives had changed so much, she had finally started doing exactly what she had always wanted to do, working and owning a wildlife persevere in the Black Hills. He had been a cop, a private detective and now had returned to live with his grandparents and try his hand as a rancher. To be able to pick up where they left off was an impossible dream that neither of them were willing to hope for.

A cross between a contemporary romance and a romantic suspense, simply put, another touching and action packed Nora Roberts novel. The chemistry between these two are felt a mile away from their first meeting but letting them travel their separate road before coming back to each other helped build the suspense. Not that it needed more of that. Really enjoyed the wildlife refuge and all it’s connected people, places and parts. The description of the country is almost like another character in this story, fabulous - makes me want to go see it for myself. ( )
April 23, 2011

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