Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book - Sherbrooke Bride

Sherbrooke Bride by Catherine Coulter
Feeling the families pressure to produce an heir, the Earl of Northcliffe, Douglas Sherbrooke finally decided on taking a beautiful women he had known years before, Melissande Chambers. Getting a personal request from his country for help, Douglas had few options. Heading to France on a mission himself and leaving his cousin Tony Parrish, Lord Rathmore to marry for him by proxy. On his return he discovered that Tony had married Melissande as well as her sister Alexandra Chambers.

Book 1 ….. I have read all (so far) of Catherine Coulter’s FBI series, but this is the first of her historicals that I have read. While it has many elements that are consistent with the stereotyping of historicals and it is ,oh so predictable, but the combination worked well for me. Really liked Alex and even found myself liking the arrogant Douglas eventually. Will continue with this series as soon as I locate The Hellion Bride.
3/10/11 4****

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