Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book - Please Explain Anxiety to Me

Please Explain "Anxiety" to Me! by Laurie Zelinger, PhD

Ever wonder why we get nervous, worried, stressed, distressed or anxious? Most people do feel that way at some point, but it is not the same for everyone. For children it can be even more difficult to deal with and understanding the reason why may be the first step to helping them get through it. Identifying with a dinosaur, learning that they possibly had the same reactions to worries may help a child understand that they are not the only one. Learning the whys of anxiety are not enough, children and adults alike that suffer through this fear need a way to cope, something that can help them through the worst of the symptoms. Getting certain breathing techniques or exercises that can help to calm yourself may be enough, but knowing you have someone to go to can also help.

In story book fashion, Laurie Zelinger , PhD breaks down the whys of anxiety in easy to understand ways. There are real psychological terminology used as well, but the words are explained in a concise and appropriate ways, and the word is also given phonetically to make the pronunciation easier to get. The large pictures make the dinosaur story feel like a regular picture story book. The story is worded so that it is easy to ask the questions like - “have you ever felt like that” several times which does make the comparison with the dinosaurs more realistic. The helpful suggestions for reducing anxiety and relieving some of the symptoms are easy to understand and feels more like a game than a calming tool, but if it works, even better. The closing rhymes are fun to say and fun to practice. All this information, so much of which was common since, the story was good but not great and the pictures were at times distracting from the “anxiety” topic of the book. Great concept to help children learn to cope with anxiety, I just expected and wanted more.


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