Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book - Master of the Night

Master of the Night by Angela Knight
Revenge, justice, her job, it didn’t matter what title was put to it, Erin Grayson wanted the persons responsible for the death of her partner and love to pay. After so many years as the American Magi (vampire) champion, Reece found that one special law enforcement officer, that turned out to be a latent (mage descendent), had power over him. Controlling their feelings was something else, especially if they were destined to be trapped in battle with themselves, each other and true evil.

Book 1 ….. Finally I read a full length novel of the Mageverse series. The novellas were good, but the full size included much more of the origins and back stories. As first in a series books usually are, this was a lot of information. I liked some of the characters (really liked Reece). Already started my search for the next full length book - Master of the Moon.
3/8/11 ****

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