Monday, March 14, 2011

Book - Dr. Texas

Dr. Texas by Debbie Macomber
In trade for getting some of her student loans paid down, Dr. Jane Dickinson agreed to a three year stretch as a clinic doc for a small town in Promise Texas. Big City California doc had lots to learn about small town Texas, but after talking to her, Cal Patterson soon realized she was a good sport and willing to try to fit in. Riding a horse, dressing the cowgirl part and listening to Willie Nelson all with a sense of humor that even got Cal to loosen up

Book 4 …. Normally I am all about reading a series in order, man an exception this time because I have already read these (long ago). Obviously not the first in the series, there are many characters in this town, some of them have already gotten married, while others are newly engaged, some are still dealing with situations that have taken place in previous books. Still this book gives enough of the background information to understand how and why it relates to this book and this couple (I still plan on re-reading the rest of the series at some point). As usual with Debbie Macomber books, it had a little fun, a little adventure, a little suspense, a little love, a little family, a little friends and lots of emotions from all the characters. This book was a bit slow, but I was in the mood for a slow gentle romance, so I enjoyed it.
3/14/11 4****

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