Saturday, December 25, 2010

e-Book - Karaoke at the Tumbleweed

Winning the area Karaoke contest at the Tumbleweed was the first step for Nicole Ashford. She still had to win in Louisville if she wanted to get that NASCAR weekend. Being new in town, Brian Taggert (Tag) didn’t know the history of Nicole, but he did know that he liked what he saw. Getting together may have been easier than expected, but falling was more unexpected than anything else, even if Nicole was the town klutz.

Fast paced romance that is a little weak on character creation. It is a good basic story but it just all moved too fast for me. Not enough of the background of the characters was explored. I would have liked to see / hear / read what Tag did during his few days locked in his fathers house but we can only assume. Did, like I said, enjoy the basic storyline so I would be interested in reading something else that this author has written. ( )

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