Sunday, December 12, 2010

e-Book - Dark of the Day

Dark of the Day by Selah March
Sometimes the best solution for life’s problems is to take action before life gets even worse but for Robin, her brain tumor was speeding the life decision along. Surgery may prolong her life but after the life she’s lead, she is not sure if she really wants it to be longer. Taking an active part in choosing her final days, she let Thann (Nathaniel) in to her apartment, and in to her life soon realizing he was not the death counselor that she thought he was. Convincing Robin that there were still good things available to her if only she tried would push Thann to try new things too.

Death by cancer or suicide, not sure how I feel about either of those lines for a romance story character. The ‘pain’ in Robins past seemed pales in comparison to things that would normally be considered reasons for taking such drastic action. Throwing in the past only seemed to muddle the story more instead of justifying her actions. Being a short story gave less time for the characters to emerge, but I really liked Thann as a concept and wonder if some of Selah March’s other stories have similar almost angel like characters. ( )
December 10, 2010

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