Friday, December 24, 2010

Book - Faeries Gone Wild

Faeries Gone Wild by Michele Hauf
This anthology has 4 separate stories ....
- Tall, Dark and Not So Faery by Mary Janice Davidson
A look at what would happen if a vampire, werewolf, talking SUV, dryad (tree creature) and a faery prince all live together and the faery census taker shows up to count everyone. Then there is the half-giant that talks to the SUV even though the SUV has a crush on the werewolf.
*** Yeah, a little confusing, lots of funny one liners and the concept of the story is hilarious but as a short story in an anthology, it just doesn’t really have the time to create enough of the story to make it all that enjoyable.

- Pixie Lust by Lois Greiman
All she wanted was to find her a fern that the faery people needed, but taking a nap in a flower, she found herself in the bathroom, naked. After struggling to point his life in the direction he wanted, he was not going to let this young lady derail him. Finding her uncooperative to communicate with made it difficult to get her back to where she belongs, until they found each other.
*** Short and quick, again the novella size makes it all happen so fast that it is not easy to get involved in the story or the characters. I liked them all, I just wish it could have lasted longer. There is so much left to questions and assumptions, the story that is there is so rushed that it loses the flow and continuity several times.

- Dust Me, Baby, One More Time by Michele Hauf
As a tooth faerie, the worst news to get is that the mothers in town are banding together to make sure no one believes in you anymore. Then to literally run in to a sandman and get dusted by him leaving you unconscious on the floor was not a great way to end the day. Whether she liked it or not, the sandman was going to help her find out how to save the job she loved in a town she had been a part of for so long.
*** What a cute interpretation of the combined fairy tales. The character interaction was great and the admitted problems of sandman were both funny and endearing at the same time. This is a quick burst of energy that made me laugh and still had a slightly sentimental story to go along with the adult humor.

- A Little Bit Faery by Leandra Logan
Struggling to find a faery mate was difficult enough, but then being told that she was half human, of all things, explained quite a bit. Traveling from the Isle of Man to the Isle of Manhattan, this faery had her human fathers name and not much else, but she was determined to find a father and see if his world would except her better than her mothers world ever did. Finding a reluctant hero who treated her better than anyone else ever had was a great start, the question was “would she push him away also”.
**** Best of the short stories of this anthology. Strange and fun characters, their interactions was light hearted yet urgent in their own particular cause. I liked the hero complex and the hero worship. There are so many dimensions to this particular story (love, lust, acceptance, betrayal, confidence, fear, ect) that it is amazing that it all fit into such a short story. ( )
December 22, 2010

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