Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book - Eternal Hunger

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
Finding a cure for a bad memory had been Sarah Donohue’s life work. Causing the fire that had killed her father and left her brother, Gray, physically and emotionally damaged gave her the incentive to become a doctor. Now if she could get him to cooperate she may be able to help him finally forget. Being an outcast from birth had left Alexander Roman and his brothers with a strong desire to escape the control of the vampires credenti (community). Even after spending a hundred years away from the Order, some of the habits still remained, but when something new started to happen to Alexander, they didn’t know where to turn for answers. He had ended up on a door step just as the sun was rising and even though it had never bothered him before, he found himself in the middle of morpho (his change). Finding a man on her door step in need, Sara felt the pull to help, finding a man inside her home, she felt the need for help. One man was an ex-patient that had become a stalker and the other turned out to be a vampire.

Book 1 ….. Could get at least a trilogy out of this series, the set up is with the three brothers, Alexander, Nicholas & Lucian. I had mixed feelings about this one, several aspects are reminiscent of Christine Feehan’s Carpathians series with the one true mate thing. Not real fond of some of the terms though, I mean come on - morpho? I understand that this is the first book of a series and it has to do the set up for the series as well as it’s own book, but there were a lot of characters and multiple stories and a ton of information and history in this first book. Took some time to get used to the writers style also. It is written like people talk and think, with lots of distractions, tangents and partially formulated thoughts. Once I did get used to it, I enjoyed most of the characters. Liked the brothers and Dillon, struggled with how Sara was taking the news about vampires and her sudden attraction to one, until the last 20 pages when some big questions were answered. Frustrated waiting so long for the explanation, but in the end it was overall enjoyable enough to have me looking for the next of the series (Eternal Kiss) in 2011. ( )
December 6, 2010

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