Saturday, December 25, 2010

e-Book - Karaoke at the Tumbleweed

Winning the area Karaoke contest at the Tumbleweed was the first step for Nicole Ashford. She still had to win in Louisville if she wanted to get that NASCAR weekend. Being new in town, Brian Taggert (Tag) didn’t know the history of Nicole, but he did know that he liked what he saw. Getting together may have been easier than expected, but falling was more unexpected than anything else, even if Nicole was the town klutz.

Fast paced romance that is a little weak on character creation. It is a good basic story but it just all moved too fast for me. Not enough of the background of the characters was explored. I would have liked to see / hear / read what Tag did during his few days locked in his fathers house but we can only assume. Did, like I said, enjoy the basic storyline so I would be interested in reading something else that this author has written. ( )

Friday, December 24, 2010

Book - Family Affair

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
Starting over in a new apartment, new job, new city was the only way Lacey Lancaster felt she could survive her divorce. She was struggling with the loneliness of it so she got a Abyssinian purebred cat named Cleo. Possibly wanting to breed the cat, she waited, but when Cleo finally went into heat she found out that her neighbor Jack Walker had a cat also, named Dog. Leaving her door open to go ask Jack to be quiet so that she could make a call, Dog got into her apartment and now she had to find the backbone to deal with Jack and the consequences. Noticing her from the first day she moved in, Jack had no idea that it would turn out to be Dog that finally got him the in he had been working for. Now if he could just be patient enough for her to work through her trust and commitment issues he might have a chance at what he wants.

This seems to be a re-print of a 1994 novella. I happen to really enjoy Debbie Macomber’s gentle, sweet romance stories and even though this is short and the characters are not as developed as some of her more recent ones, I found myself really enjoying the “misunderstandings” of Sarah and even relating to some of Lacey’s insecurities. Could have had more of Jack, really liked him, but for a short, older story, it was a nice little get a way. *Bonus: there is a few recipes for home made cat treats in the back of the book. I have not made any but they are a fun addition to the book.

I was luck enough to have received this as an early reviewer copy from LibraryThing. It is marked with a SRP of $16.99 which does seem a bit high for a 102 page book, especially one that is a re-print of a novella. ( )
December 23, 2010

Book - Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor

Losing her mother in a car accident left Holly to be raised by her Uncle Mark. Having no idea what to do with a 6 year old, Mark Nolan did the best he could with a young girl. Looking around a toy store they found the widow Maggie Conroy had a special way about her. With stories and possibilities, Maggie was able to help Holly find her voice again. Stunned that the belief in a fairy tale, a belief in magic was all the child needed, Mark was willing to give Maggie a closer look. Spoiling Holly was never anyone’s intention, but would she get what she really wanted most, a new mom for Christmas.

Book 1 ….. A sweet and gentle story about family and learning to explore the possibilities of the holiday seasons. What an inspiration, full of fun (not including that Holly’s mother, Victoria died) and laughter. Recently found out this is a first book of a series, yeah, can only assume that the other characters of the family (Alex and Sam especially) will have a story. As I was reading it didn’t feel like a typical first book, all cluttered with information, but looking back it was a good introduction to the brothers and I will look for the rest of the series. ( )
December 23, 2010

Book - Faeries Gone Wild

Faeries Gone Wild by Michele Hauf
This anthology has 4 separate stories ....
- Tall, Dark and Not So Faery by Mary Janice Davidson
A look at what would happen if a vampire, werewolf, talking SUV, dryad (tree creature) and a faery prince all live together and the faery census taker shows up to count everyone. Then there is the half-giant that talks to the SUV even though the SUV has a crush on the werewolf.
*** Yeah, a little confusing, lots of funny one liners and the concept of the story is hilarious but as a short story in an anthology, it just doesn’t really have the time to create enough of the story to make it all that enjoyable.

- Pixie Lust by Lois Greiman
All she wanted was to find her a fern that the faery people needed, but taking a nap in a flower, she found herself in the bathroom, naked. After struggling to point his life in the direction he wanted, he was not going to let this young lady derail him. Finding her uncooperative to communicate with made it difficult to get her back to where she belongs, until they found each other.
*** Short and quick, again the novella size makes it all happen so fast that it is not easy to get involved in the story or the characters. I liked them all, I just wish it could have lasted longer. There is so much left to questions and assumptions, the story that is there is so rushed that it loses the flow and continuity several times.

- Dust Me, Baby, One More Time by Michele Hauf
As a tooth faerie, the worst news to get is that the mothers in town are banding together to make sure no one believes in you anymore. Then to literally run in to a sandman and get dusted by him leaving you unconscious on the floor was not a great way to end the day. Whether she liked it or not, the sandman was going to help her find out how to save the job she loved in a town she had been a part of for so long.
*** What a cute interpretation of the combined fairy tales. The character interaction was great and the admitted problems of sandman were both funny and endearing at the same time. This is a quick burst of energy that made me laugh and still had a slightly sentimental story to go along with the adult humor.

- A Little Bit Faery by Leandra Logan
Struggling to find a faery mate was difficult enough, but then being told that she was half human, of all things, explained quite a bit. Traveling from the Isle of Man to the Isle of Manhattan, this faery had her human fathers name and not much else, but she was determined to find a father and see if his world would except her better than her mothers world ever did. Finding a reluctant hero who treated her better than anyone else ever had was a great start, the question was “would she push him away also”.
**** Best of the short stories of this anthology. Strange and fun characters, their interactions was light hearted yet urgent in their own particular cause. I liked the hero complex and the hero worship. There are so many dimensions to this particular story (love, lust, acceptance, betrayal, confidence, fear, ect) that it is amazing that it all fit into such a short story. ( )
December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book - Autumn's Bride

Trouble in the area made everyone nervous, but when Annaliese Stanhope was running late to get home, she took her chances on a shortcut. Halfway home she came across an unconscious man that had been stripped of his belongings, including most of his clothes. Not one to leave a helpless man to the weather and wild, she found a way to get him home and asked her father and Aunt to help him. It had been a simple task of delivering the money his sister-in-law owed to the woodworker for a special gift, but then Kendran Ainsworth was set upon by the local menace and changed his plans. Now that Annaliese and her family had helped him and confided in him, he felt the need to find out the truth for her. To help her in return, even if she would never accept the aid or the word of any highborn nobleman.

Book 4 ….. Never really got to see much of Kendran in the other books, so I am not sure what I expected from him. Kendran has the typical Ainsworth self confidence to the point of arrogance, but it didn’t play as well on him as it did on Benedict. Since this was the end of the series, again I think I had too high of hopes for the wrap up of the Ainsworth brothers. There were some good characters that never seemed to be given the time that they could have been given. There was a quick wrap up with a brief mention of the brothers, wives and children, but other than a short visit from Benedict and Raven it was all Kendran. A typical Harlequin Historical set in Medieval time, honestly I liked Spring and Summer’s Brides (Benedict and Marcel‘s stories) better. ( )
Dec 16, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

e-Book - Dark of the Day

Dark of the Day by Selah March
Sometimes the best solution for life’s problems is to take action before life gets even worse but for Robin, her brain tumor was speeding the life decision along. Surgery may prolong her life but after the life she’s lead, she is not sure if she really wants it to be longer. Taking an active part in choosing her final days, she let Thann (Nathaniel) in to her apartment, and in to her life soon realizing he was not the death counselor that she thought he was. Convincing Robin that there were still good things available to her if only she tried would push Thann to try new things too.

Death by cancer or suicide, not sure how I feel about either of those lines for a romance story character. The ‘pain’ in Robins past seemed pales in comparison to things that would normally be considered reasons for taking such drastic action. Throwing in the past only seemed to muddle the story more instead of justifying her actions. Being a short story gave less time for the characters to emerge, but I really liked Thann as a concept and wonder if some of Selah March’s other stories have similar almost angel like characters. ( )
December 10, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book - Eternal Hunger

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
Finding a cure for a bad memory had been Sarah Donohue’s life work. Causing the fire that had killed her father and left her brother, Gray, physically and emotionally damaged gave her the incentive to become a doctor. Now if she could get him to cooperate she may be able to help him finally forget. Being an outcast from birth had left Alexander Roman and his brothers with a strong desire to escape the control of the vampires credenti (community). Even after spending a hundred years away from the Order, some of the habits still remained, but when something new started to happen to Alexander, they didn’t know where to turn for answers. He had ended up on a door step just as the sun was rising and even though it had never bothered him before, he found himself in the middle of morpho (his change). Finding a man on her door step in need, Sara felt the pull to help, finding a man inside her home, she felt the need for help. One man was an ex-patient that had become a stalker and the other turned out to be a vampire.

Book 1 ….. Could get at least a trilogy out of this series, the set up is with the three brothers, Alexander, Nicholas & Lucian. I had mixed feelings about this one, several aspects are reminiscent of Christine Feehan’s Carpathians series with the one true mate thing. Not real fond of some of the terms though, I mean come on - morpho? I understand that this is the first book of a series and it has to do the set up for the series as well as it’s own book, but there were a lot of characters and multiple stories and a ton of information and history in this first book. Took some time to get used to the writers style also. It is written like people talk and think, with lots of distractions, tangents and partially formulated thoughts. Once I did get used to it, I enjoyed most of the characters. Liked the brothers and Dillon, struggled with how Sara was taking the news about vampires and her sudden attraction to one, until the last 20 pages when some big questions were answered. Frustrated waiting so long for the explanation, but in the end it was overall enjoyable enough to have me looking for the next of the series (Eternal Kiss) in 2011. ( )
December 6, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

e-Book - Inking Aaron

As a Las Vegas tattoo artist, Mohan did excellent work. He was a talented man, but when his income started to lessen, the executives of the hotel wanted to get him step up his business. Putting flare in advertising was not Mohan’s strong suit, Aaron (one of the execs.) had a few ideas to help. Getting personally involved in the tattoo artist was not the plan, but if Mohan was leaving, there may not be any other time. Taking the chance that his feelings would be reciprocated, Aaron took the step and found that it was more of a leap - of faith. In himself and in Mohan.

Fast and right to it, this is a short story that could have been longer. The characters were little more than half formed, but it was enough for some connection. The bad boy and Mr. Perfect was a familiar scene, but the addition of little sis and her girlfriend was a great way to emphasize just how much Aaron needed to accept about others as well as himself. I would read Cheryl Dragon again. ( )
November 27, 2010