Tuesday, November 16, 2010

e-Book - The Lovers

Finally convinced that her online writing groups annual retreat was the perfect time to get out of her the safety of her home and regimented life, Bettina Boothe makes her way to the California coast. A couple of months is literally what the doctor recommended for her to help with her many social anxiety type problems. Finding everyone so friendly and welcoming gave Bettina hope for a productive few weeks, both in terms of the newest book she is working on as well as her other issues. One of her fellow writers stands out, Audrey LeClaire is stunning and captivating and offering more to Tina than she had ever even considered. Learning to let herself have what she wants regardless of what she used to think of the idea was a huge step in the right direction. And then when Jack Curran showed up, Tina finds herself caught between the jealousy of not being the focus of Audrey’s attention and desire to just be included. Finding herself in an intense emotional and sexual relationships opened her to what she had tried to avoid for so long, her own feelings.

Started off intense and never let up, the sexual scenes were many and close together. At some points the flow of the encounters were an easy and obvious conclusion, while other times the issue seemed to be forced in that direction to get more sex in. There was plenty of great sex, the characters were easy to follow in the progression of their relationships, the first person style of writing left some of Audrey and Jack as a mystery that I would have liked to know more about. Bettina’s story is pretty basic and common (the secluded and scared opens her wings and flies into the arms of … everyone), for some reason I had a difficult time connecting with her emotionally though, too much sex - maybe. This was a nice erotic distraction, fun and fast paced. ( )

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