Friday, November 26, 2010

Book - Stargir

Fitting in and being a part of something is half the battle for most high school students. For Stargirl, being herself and doing things because they were right or made her feel good about herself was even more important. The students at Mica High couldn’t understand why this strange girl would sing Happy Birthday to everyone on their birthday or put flowers on her desk, but Leo Borlock wanted to know more. Befriending the new girl to learn more about her gave him a new look on life, but what it cost him in return might be too much for Leo to deal with.

Moral lesson, be yourself; truth is, it is sometimes hard to do that. What a cute and refreshingly basic story, and from a boys point of view. I read mostly romance, so reading a first person with a boy (Leo Borlock) as the main character was unusual for me. I enjoyed the perspective more than I would have thought. (FYI) May have been written from a boys point of view, but still geared more for a girl to read (IMHO). Loved the old mentor (Archie) and his Senor Saguaro. There is a second book by Jerry Spielli (Love, Stargirl) that is now resting in my to be read list. ( )
Nov 24, 2010

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