Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book - The Notebook

Relating a story to an Alzheimer patient, sitting with each other and getting to know him all over again day after day, leaves Noah with more hope instead of the defeat that everyone anticipates him to feel. Following the love and life of Noah and Allie from the time they met, through the war until they found each other again years later. The reconnection of their love spun a life that was worth writing about when Allie realized they might need it to help her remember.

This is a very touching story, both the 1940’s first blossom of love, the later re-connections of their lives, but most especially the golden years were memories are so precious and was lost to Allie, but not Noah. So well written (needed a box of Kleenex) I wanted to see the movie, but was disappointed in the interpretation of such a wonderful book. Interested to see if The Wedding (which is kind of like a sequel) is as good. ( )
October 28, 2010

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