Friday, November 26, 2010

Book - My Sparkling Misfortune

What goes around, comes around. For the villain Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle that may have been what brought on the beast that had been trying to get him for so long. Only living near and hiding in the great white towers that he had built in secret around his own castle had saved him from death so many times. Finding that someone had been destroying those safety towers left Arkus with few options, he could not defeat the beast, but the fairy realms Gormacks (evil by nature) might be able to. Catching a Gormack was tricky, it would take timing and strength. With a twist of fate, the one that he captured and bargained with, ended up being a Sparkling named Tulip. Having a Sparkling bound to him might not be such a bad idea either, but that name, Tulip, bothered him enough to make him change it. Getting away from the beast one more time, Arkus and Tulip (now known as Jarvi) ran to hide in the land of Ulkarian. Befriending King Osmund and Prince Philip after playing the part of the hero, Arkus (now known as Sir Lakeland Knight) just wanted to be left alone so that he could get back to being a villain, if only Jarvi would let him. And then there was still the feud with Prince Kellemar of Dalvanna.

So much was packed into this short story. Fun and fast paced with several twists and turns, some expected and some not so much. Took a while to really get into the story, the characters were slow to grow on me. Found the villain turned hero to be almost natural - oddly enough. Wanted to like the Sparkling from the beginning, struggled with that until almost the end. Enjoyed Arkus the best, try to not like him, it won’t last. The addition of a former co-villain and a hero want-to-be makes the transformation of Arkus obvious and even more fun. Only one down side, it was too short, there was still more I wanted to know about Arkus, the original Jarvi and even Tulip-Jarvi. There was so much that could have been added to the end. The last paragraph was a let down. I wanted more (don’t know if that should be taken as good or bad). ( )

Book - Stargir

Fitting in and being a part of something is half the battle for most high school students. For Stargirl, being herself and doing things because they were right or made her feel good about herself was even more important. The students at Mica High couldn’t understand why this strange girl would sing Happy Birthday to everyone on their birthday or put flowers on her desk, but Leo Borlock wanted to know more. Befriending the new girl to learn more about her gave him a new look on life, but what it cost him in return might be too much for Leo to deal with.

Moral lesson, be yourself; truth is, it is sometimes hard to do that. What a cute and refreshingly basic story, and from a boys point of view. I read mostly romance, so reading a first person with a boy (Leo Borlock) as the main character was unusual for me. I enjoyed the perspective more than I would have thought. (FYI) May have been written from a boys point of view, but still geared more for a girl to read (IMHO). Loved the old mentor (Archie) and his Senor Saguaro. There is a second book by Jerry Spielli (Love, Stargirl) that is now resting in my to be read list. ( )
Nov 24, 2010

e-Book - It's Now or Never

As the live-in nanny, Sara was becoming part of the family. With the hopes of making the situation more permanent, she set up a special birthday celebration dinner for Logan. When he showed up with his ex-wife and asked her to leave, she was afraid she had misread the recent flirtations.

Short story that could easily be made into a much better, much longer story. Even in the short amount of time the characters came through in a good way. I like these short stories, it gives a brief view of the writer and their style, and this one is worth it. I would be very interested in reading other books by this author. ( )
Nov 17, 2010

Partial Book - Wolfsbane and Mistletoe

**** Star of David by Patricia Briggs - read on 11/15/10

After accidentally killing his wife and her lover in front of his own daughter (Stella), David Christiansen understood why she was scared of him especially in his werewolf form. Getting a call for help was something he would never ignore, he would do anything to be a part of her life again. The help she wanted wasn’t for herself as much as it was for one of the foster kids that she was responsible for. A werewolf might be the only way to help Devonte Parish with his particular problem.

- What a sweet and tender story - from David’s point of view. A short story that shows exactly why Patricia Briggs is so good with her werewolf characters. I really enjoyed the vulnerability of all the characters, from the small child that had been beat up by a vampire to the werewolf that was there because he too is a monster in his own daughters eyes. ( )
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

e-Book - The Lovers

Finally convinced that her online writing groups annual retreat was the perfect time to get out of her the safety of her home and regimented life, Bettina Boothe makes her way to the California coast. A couple of months is literally what the doctor recommended for her to help with her many social anxiety type problems. Finding everyone so friendly and welcoming gave Bettina hope for a productive few weeks, both in terms of the newest book she is working on as well as her other issues. One of her fellow writers stands out, Audrey LeClaire is stunning and captivating and offering more to Tina than she had ever even considered. Learning to let herself have what she wants regardless of what she used to think of the idea was a huge step in the right direction. And then when Jack Curran showed up, Tina finds herself caught between the jealousy of not being the focus of Audrey’s attention and desire to just be included. Finding herself in an intense emotional and sexual relationships opened her to what she had tried to avoid for so long, her own feelings.

Started off intense and never let up, the sexual scenes were many and close together. At some points the flow of the encounters were an easy and obvious conclusion, while other times the issue seemed to be forced in that direction to get more sex in. There was plenty of great sex, the characters were easy to follow in the progression of their relationships, the first person style of writing left some of Audrey and Jack as a mystery that I would have liked to know more about. Bettina’s story is pretty basic and common (the secluded and scared opens her wings and flies into the arms of … everyone), for some reason I had a difficult time connecting with her emotionally though, too much sex - maybe. This was a nice erotic distraction, fun and fast paced. ( )

Time Traveler's Wife

Review to come .....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book - Undead and Unpopular

Queen Betsy is having a birthday, but of course first she has to deal with vampire business. Being Queen, she has a lot on her plate, the whole blood fasting she is doing for her birthday, the visitors from Europe, the ghost claiming there’s a zombie in the attic, and something is up with Jess too. All while planning her wedding.

Book 5 ….. Miss Congeniality uh?, well Dictionary lookup says - agreeable: pleasant and suited to somebody's character or tastes, friendly: having an outgoing pleasant character - Nope, none of them fit the Queen Betsy of this book. She is conceited, selfish, self involved, basically a royal pain. Normally Eric Sinclair is enough to pull me through, but in this one his stupidity in consistently backing and believing in Betsy is glaring and annoying. The only saving grace is Jess, but I am not sure even Jess and Mark are enough. Not sure if I will make the time for the next one (Undead and Uneasy) after this one was so disappointing. ( )
November 6, 2010

e-Book - Winter White

Winter weather was rolling in and the office had cleared out for the night when Mary put her plan into action. Seduction of the Doctor was a fantasy she had been living with for a while, now she had to find out if he felt any of the same desires for her.

Just a short story about a women finally finding the courage to try to fulfill a fantasy. Quick and easy read, with an obvious outcome. The characters could have been better, the consequences of a short story is lack of character development. Love scenes are pretty good, but nothing over the top or real memorable. Overall feeling was that it is just a nice distractions for a little while. ( )
October 30, 2010

Book - The Notebook

Relating a story to an Alzheimer patient, sitting with each other and getting to know him all over again day after day, leaves Noah with more hope instead of the defeat that everyone anticipates him to feel. Following the love and life of Noah and Allie from the time they met, through the war until they found each other again years later. The reconnection of their love spun a life that was worth writing about when Allie realized they might need it to help her remember.

This is a very touching story, both the 1940’s first blossom of love, the later re-connections of their lives, but most especially the golden years were memories are so precious and was lost to Allie, but not Noah. So well written (needed a box of Kleenex) I wanted to see the movie, but was disappointed in the interpretation of such a wonderful book. Interested to see if The Wedding (which is kind of like a sequel) is as good. ( )
October 28, 2010

Book - Rapture in Death

Even on her honeymoon, Eve Dallas finds a dead body to investigate. The unusual stream of suicides seemed to be stacking up and making Eve even more suspicious. Putting the information together is Eve’s specialty, getting the help she needed from Peabody and Roarke made things go faster even if the chief doesn’t want to know how that happened. The problem is, what makes all these people do things so out of the ordinary and could it actually cause problems closer to home.

Book 4 ….. Unfortunately it was very predictable. After only 3 other books, the answers jumped out in the first few chapters and the rest was just fill dirt. Some of it good, some of it boring, Roarke is still the best, but why does he stay with her, why does he love her - not sure I ever understood that. Still enough fun and mystery included in here to make the next (Ceremony in Death) in the series land on my tbr (to be read) list. ( )
October 25, 2010