Friday, October 8, 2010

Book - Thin, Rich, Pretty

Finding a friend in summer camp was easy for Holly and Nicola, they had to be friends with each other because the others girls wouldn’t be. While Holly had been fighting her weight and wanted to be thin, Nicola had a nose that no one thought was pretty, so a bond was formed to protect themselves and each other from the mean girls in the cabin with them. Always being grouped with the mean girls helped keep Lexi from being picked on like Holly and Nicola were, but it also left her more lonely than anyone would have guessed. Jump forward twenty years to find that Holly and Nicola have remained friends. While Holly runs an successful art gallery, she still struggles with her weight and Nicola may have been the lead actress in a hit movie, but she still regards her nose as less then her best attribute. The years have not changed Lexi much with the exception of her father dying and leaving everything to the step-mom. Now making her way on her own for the first time, Lexi must find a job, a place to live and a new way of life for herself. Her surprising turn of fate may change more than just her life.

Found so many of aspects of all of these characters that I could relate to. Bouncing back and forth with the summer at camp gave a good indication of just what type of people these girls/ladies are. Really enjoyed this one with it’s subtle romance but mostly it is a good friendship story. Surprisingly cared about Lexi as well as Holly and Nicola. A good view at the theory of “getting what you want doesn’t always make you happy”. A feel good story, thanks Macmillian audio books (I won this audio book through a facebook contest), I am interested in seeing what else Beth Harbison has written. ( )
Oct 7, 2010

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