Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book - Sewing a Friendship

Summer vacation had just started while the wind listened to a group of friends (Sokron Blossom, Meeka Venya, Jonsy Jipsy, Nina Key), all seven (7) years old, discussing their summer plans, a new one was presented to them. They wanted to be a part of the big fashion show, but the problem was they needed a five (5) member team to enter. They were only four (4), but as they were trying to figure out how to fix it, Sokron’s dog, Dogon, took off with the rules for entering. Chasing him down they found another little girl (Kiki Shaver), but she was nine (9) which might work out because one of the rules was that at least one of the team members had to be at least nine (9). So they asked Kiki if she wanted to be a part of the fashion show as one of their team mates. After much thought, Kiki agreed, for one reason she didn’t have many friends so she thought this would be a good place to start making some.

As a story concept, this is a very cute and inspirational one. One member of the team is overcoming a fear of shyness and all of them are looking past some of their preconceived opinions of the others. Mostly I liked how they were all accepted for who they are and they all made the best of each of their own special strengths to make it to the fashion show. The help of Babushka (Grandma) and Dogon was a cute addition to the story, but not entirely necessary. (The nit-pick section of my review is about the grammar), I did find a few spots that should have maybe been corrected, but only a small handful of them. The illustrations on this book are Magna in style, full of color and tie into the story well.

The interesting thing about this book is the fact that it is written and illustrated by a 10 year old. As a writer, she has room to grow (of course) but to be able to articulate herself so well through her story and pictures is just amazing. The book I received shows that it is has already been nominated or received awards from several places. This may be an up and coming author to watch. ( )

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