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Book - Queen of the Night

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
Find Diane Walker working on her latest book and retired Brandon Walker trying to stay busy with TLC (The Last Chance). Spending most of his time going back and forth between ailing fellow TLC detective and longtime friend trying to find the answers to a very old case and his wife who seems to be having some struggles of her own. The newest of the murder rampages falls to Brian Fellows to look at with the help of the border patrol officer (Dan Pardee) that found the bodies. The four bodies were found on the Tohono O’odham Nation land, when the next of kin notifications were made, the death count went up by three more. Leaving only a small child behind as a witness, Dr. Lani Walker, with the help of Dan Pardee, kept the child in the Hospital for safety. Tracking and catching this killer before he realizes that he left any witnesses might be more dangerous than any of them realize.

Book 4 ….. I received this as part of the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program. When I realized that it was actually the forth (4th) book of the series, I decided that it would possibly be best to read the first three (3) of the series before I read this one so that I could understand the story line a little better. I was right to do that, I felt that if I had just read this story as a stand alone I would have not been able to follow all of the characters as well (there was a lot of characters in this one), most were reoccurring from the previous books. The bouncing back and forth between stories and years and places was a little confusing at times, but the main story line covered only a couple of days in early June 2009. Enjoyed the side story of Brandon and Diane, this did have the feel of the last of them, kind of a conclusion. I suppose if JA Jance wanted to continue this particular type of series, she could follow Lani, Brian and Dan. I never did figure out why the temperature was so important that it had a title type position with the places, dates and times, but it does help show how the desert can be different times of the day. I like reading about Tucson (I lived there for a long time) and this series has been an interesting way to remember the city. ( )
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