Friday, October 15, 2010

Book - Hannah's List

It had been a year since Hannah’s death and while Michael Everett had continued his life, he still hadn’t moved on. Knowing her husband the way she did, Hannah left a letter with her brother, Ritchie (Michael’s best friend) with instructions of when to deliver it. One year after her death she was giving him one more last request, move on, re-marry, have kids, be happy. It would be a difficult request to fulfill so Hannah had given him the help he needed. The rest of the letter contained names of three women: Winter Adams - Hannah’s own cousin and the owner of the café on Blossom Street. Leanne Lancaster - an oncology nurse that was always kind and caring. Macy Roth - a model and artist that was funny and clever and always has a smile to share. Not believing for a minute that he would pick one of his late wife’s choices to be a wife to him now, but knowing he had to grant her final wish, he decided to give it a try.

Book 7 ….. A little different perspective than normal, it is all from the mans (Michaels) point of view. Not mush of a connection to Blossom street, but wow - it was an emotional ride. From the first paragraph to the last it was an emotional book for me. There was a connection with the characters were from the beginning. The ladies all had problems as does Michael, but that just makes them all easier to relate to. Predictable - yes the one you think he ends up with from the beginning is the one he ends up with, but it’s the journey and not the outcome that makes this emotional drama worth the time. Tears flowed, for varied reasons and after all the “I knew its” I just reminded myself that this is why I like Debbie Macomber books so much. The simple yet emotional charged story of a man trying to move on. ( )

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