Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book - Call Me Mrs. Miracle

Christmas season is rolling along while Jake Finley is struggling as always with the holiday season. Functioning only in a business capacity, he and his father JR disagree over the amount of one particular toy Jake orders for their family owned department store. The Intellytron Robot costs a lot of money and JR is concerned it wont sell by Christmas while Jake believes in his decision. Wanting most of all for his father to come home from the war, Gabe’s second choice is the expensive Intellytron (Telly) which his Aunt Holly will do anything she can to get for him. A chance meeting or designed by Mrs. Emily Merkle (known as Mrs. Miracle), Jake and Holly find that they each seem to need something that the other has to offer.

Christmas wishes and dreams of not only a small child who is missing his father, but for so many others that can be affected by gentle persuasion and chance encounters. As always, Debbie Macomber has put together and emotional, realistic and fun story about the season of giving. It was a quick read and worth every minute. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone, of course I would recommend nearly every Debbie Macomber book that I have read to anyone, she is still one of my favorite authors.

What a great Christmas special this will make. I enjoyed the first Mrs. Miracle book and then the movie with Doris Roberts, and now they are collaborating again to bring this one to the Hallmark Channel (November 27, 2010). ( )
October 22, 2010

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