Sunday, September 12, 2010

Movie - Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey

After spending days reading the classic novel by Jane Austen, I was left wondering if others got something out of it that I didn't. I happened to find a copy of the movie at my library (yeah for Public Library systems) and so thought to see if the interpretation was any better. I was fascinated to find that not only did they cut out several scenes that I thought were pertinent to the story line, but they seemed to rearrange some of the actions and dialog, for some reason I did not like the hero, he acted almost as bad as the villain (whether it was the acting or the script I can not be sure), all this left me even more saddened at not having enjoyed the book any better than I did. I don't believe I would have enjoyed this movie adaptation any better if I had watched it prior to reading the book either. I have enjoyed many of the movie versions of classic books, but this one seems to fall short no matter which way I turn. There are a few Jane Austen's that I have not read or seen the movie version of and my hope is that they are of higher quality than this one was. I know that there is at least one other version of this book in movie form and question whether I want to even try it.

- I do not recommend this movie (that is saying a lot because I very rarely hit that button). I have enjoyed Jane Austen in book and movie form, but not this particular one.

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