Wednesday, September 29, 2010

e-Book - Long Hard Ride

Running away from home, responsibilities and obligations, Channing Kinkaid hooked up with the rodeo circuit. Finding the wrong person the first time through, Channing wasn’t sure if she should take Colby McKay’s offer seriously. The conditions for him and his friends (Trevor Glanzer & Edgard Mancuso) to take her along were of a sexual nature and all seemed to be in agreement of the terms, at first.

Book 1 ….. Heard of books that were mostly all about the sex, this one actually has a half way decent set of characters and story line to go along with it. Wasn’t sure about Colby at first, but he grew on me by the end. I liked the strong silent Edgard and wanted a bit more of him (think he shares a story with Trevor later), unfortunately Trevor was a bit of a flake. I liked Cash and Gemma though so I will be looking for a copy of “Rode Hard, Put up Wet” ( )
September 23, 2010

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