Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book - Stardust

A promise to collect a fallen star and return it to his love propelled Tristran to adventure through the wall into Faerie without even knowing that he was from there himself. Finding the Star was easy enough, getting her back to wall tool some time, especially since he was not the only one after her. The witches were after her heart because it gave life, beauty, and youth. The prince was after her because the power of Stromhold was contained in the jewel she wore around her waist. That jewel was also what had knocked her out of the skies and had given her a purpose for being in Faerie. While for the most part Tristran and the Star, Yvaine were unaware of being pursued, the adventure was still one to remember.

So very different than the movie. I wanted to see how much had been changed in the making of it, and wow it was a lot. There are some parts that are word for word and other parts that don’t even seem to be the same story. Of these some are better in the book (Dunstan the dad) while others are better in the movie (Captain Shakespeare, lol). My kids love the movie (ok, so do I) so I simply had to know, while I enjoyed the book, it is not PG-13 as the movie is and I would not let my kids read it - yet. I really do enjoy Neil Gaiman’s ability to take myths, legends, fairytales and folklore and create an interesting and fun adventure. ( )
Sept. 21, 2010

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