Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book - Ordeal

Poetry is not a normal genre for me, but seeing that this one was of a paranormal romance variety, I wanted to give it a try. My curiosity about how a poem could be written like a novel and be about vampires, led me to this book. Since this is not my normal style of book, this is not a normal review for me, not exactly sure I want to go about it the way I normally would. So I will break it down in parts.

The characters:
- Alice/Luella started out thinking she was just an average out of place, awkward kid only to find out that she was really very different from everyone around her. She was allowed to see her true past life as a Royal from the Vampire realm and she was being punished to live a life as a human for a crime against the royal family, her own family. *Not sure why, but I did have a difficult time (for the most part) finding a connection with her even though in the end I very much enjoyed her humanity showing through.
- Derek saw her from a distance, at first as human prey, then something inside of him stopped him from his vampire instincts of draining her. Finding out that at one time she was his one true love and that he had started out as the human while she was the vampire. Suppressed memories couldn’t stop him from knowing what he wanted. *Truly enjoyed this character and all his facets, would have liked more of his side of the story.

The Story line:
- Take two loves who are willing to do anything for each other and prove it over and over again by placing a curse on them to repeat it all till something is done differently. Great story concept and following the path as it was laid out was suspenseful and fresh.

The Poetry:
- While I am not well acquainted with poetry, this one was easy to read, understand and follow. There were a few stanza’s that felt awkward or like they were stretching the rhyming limits, but over all this basic four line verse did well to tell the story of Alice/Luella and Derek. My only complaint is that (in my opinion) following the metric form limited the story too much. At times it seemed to concentrate more on the rhyme of the verse than the content. This story could be more, the characters could be deeper, the story could be more intense. This balance between form and content will work for some and has shown me a new format that I might be willing to look for in the future. ( )
September 28, 2010

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Tatyana said...

Thank you, Debbie, for a thorough review and valuable remarks! I'll bear them in mind while working on my other novel(s).