Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book - Immortal in Death

Reluctantly determined to get through all the wedding planning, Eve Dallas allowed her best friend Mavis to take her to a designer for a wedding dress. During the meeting, Leonardo’s ex-girlfriend, the supermodel broke in and picked a fight with, everyone. Discovering later that she had been murdered and all the evidence pointed to Mavis, made this murder investigation personal for Eve. Doing every thing by the book all the while trying to find the one piece that would clear Mavis’s name, keeping up with her regular work load, and preparing for her wedding started to take it’s toll on Eve. With nightmares, she started to regain some of her memory from her childhood, all combining to leaving her wondering if she was doing what she should be doing or if she was just fooling herself.

Book 3 ….. The first couple of books, I was not crazy about Eve (but came back for Roarke of course). After reading this one, I get Eve a bit better and can cut her some slack. Really enjoyed the scenes with Mavis and Roarke. For a murder mystery, this one was pretty good, it was easy to see who had NOT done it (Mavis), it was easy to see the connection between the cases, but I enjoyed the fact that for the majority of the book I had no idea who all was involved. Of course in hind sight I maybe should have guessed earlier, but I suppose I was in the mood to be surprised. Eve and Peabody may have taken care of things with the bad guy but in the end, Rourke is still the hero (in my opinion). Marriage might have an interesting effect on Dallas, will have to wait and see in ‘Rapture in Death‘. ( )
Sept. 20, 2010

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