Sunday, September 12, 2010

Book - The Alchemyst

It was just another day at the bookstore for Josh Newman and the coffee shop for his twin sister Sophie, until Dr. John Dee with his mud men (Golems) showed up wanting the Book of Abraham, which Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perenelle had in the store. The twins find out that they might be a large part of what was happening because of the prophecies included in the book and that they might have a strong magical aura that needed to be awakened. Learning that legends and myths all had more than a grain of truth to it, Nicholas introduces the twins to the world of alchemists, sorcerers, magicians, witches, were animals, immortals and even a vampire.

Book 1 ….. Started this one not having any idea what to expect, I was happily surprised. Not only did it have the mythology and legends, it had the action and character connections to make this a fascinating story. Found Nicholas a bit hard to get a read on (I think that was intentional), really want to see more of Perenelle (think I will in later books) and loved the twins. The character interaction was fantastic, the action was really fast paced, and the fact that the characters are (for the most part) straight out of the history books makes this even more of a page turner. I will definitely continue on with The Magician (book two) in the near future. ( )

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