Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book - Ordeal

Poetry is not a normal genre for me, but seeing that this one was of a paranormal romance variety, I wanted to give it a try. My curiosity about how a poem could be written like a novel and be about vampires, led me to this book. Since this is not my normal style of book, this is not a normal review for me, not exactly sure I want to go about it the way I normally would. So I will break it down in parts.

The characters:
- Alice/Luella started out thinking she was just an average out of place, awkward kid only to find out that she was really very different from everyone around her. She was allowed to see her true past life as a Royal from the Vampire realm and she was being punished to live a life as a human for a crime against the royal family, her own family. *Not sure why, but I did have a difficult time (for the most part) finding a connection with her even though in the end I very much enjoyed her humanity showing through.
- Derek saw her from a distance, at first as human prey, then something inside of him stopped him from his vampire instincts of draining her. Finding out that at one time she was his one true love and that he had started out as the human while she was the vampire. Suppressed memories couldn’t stop him from knowing what he wanted. *Truly enjoyed this character and all his facets, would have liked more of his side of the story.

The Story line:
- Take two loves who are willing to do anything for each other and prove it over and over again by placing a curse on them to repeat it all till something is done differently. Great story concept and following the path as it was laid out was suspenseful and fresh.

The Poetry:
- While I am not well acquainted with poetry, this one was easy to read, understand and follow. There were a few stanza’s that felt awkward or like they were stretching the rhyming limits, but over all this basic four line verse did well to tell the story of Alice/Luella and Derek. My only complaint is that (in my opinion) following the metric form limited the story too much. At times it seemed to concentrate more on the rhyme of the verse than the content. This story could be more, the characters could be deeper, the story could be more intense. This balance between form and content will work for some and has shown me a new format that I might be willing to look for in the future. ( )
September 28, 2010

e-Book - Long Hard Ride

Running away from home, responsibilities and obligations, Channing Kinkaid hooked up with the rodeo circuit. Finding the wrong person the first time through, Channing wasn’t sure if she should take Colby McKay’s offer seriously. The conditions for him and his friends (Trevor Glanzer & Edgard Mancuso) to take her along were of a sexual nature and all seemed to be in agreement of the terms, at first.

Book 1 ….. Heard of books that were mostly all about the sex, this one actually has a half way decent set of characters and story line to go along with it. Wasn’t sure about Colby at first, but he grew on me by the end. I liked the strong silent Edgard and wanted a bit more of him (think he shares a story with Trevor later), unfortunately Trevor was a bit of a flake. I liked Cash and Gemma though so I will be looking for a copy of “Rode Hard, Put up Wet” ( )
September 23, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book - Friends Forever

Having found a great friendship with each other and grown close, Kevin an Henderson wanted to always be together. When Henderson (a Mallard duck) wanted to leave Kevin’s house to stay at the pond down the street, Kevin was sad but knew his friend would be happier there. When Kevin had to move to the next city, they were both sad but they knew that there friendship had given them enough to remember each other with. Remembering the good time and knowing that when the opportunity presented itself, they would see each other again.

Making a new friend can be fun and exciting, but when you know one is going to move away, it can be sad and lonely too. Remembering all the fun and happy times with that friend and always knowing that they are in your heart helps to make the separation easier. No matter how large the separation is, whether it’s just a few blocks or across the country.

This is a great read aloud book, but it would also be a good read alone book for 1st or 2nd graders.
It has a gentle way of helping kids to understand how distance can be over come as long as you keep the friendship in your hearts. The illustrations are bright and colorful and help to bring the story to life. The fact that one of the friends is a duck helps to show that there is more than one way to make friends and more than one way you might lose a friend. My kids read it with me and enjoyed the memories of when Henderson and Kevin first met as well as their dreams of being together again. ( )

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book - Stardust

A promise to collect a fallen star and return it to his love propelled Tristran to adventure through the wall into Faerie without even knowing that he was from there himself. Finding the Star was easy enough, getting her back to wall tool some time, especially since he was not the only one after her. The witches were after her heart because it gave life, beauty, and youth. The prince was after her because the power of Stromhold was contained in the jewel she wore around her waist. That jewel was also what had knocked her out of the skies and had given her a purpose for being in Faerie. While for the most part Tristran and the Star, Yvaine were unaware of being pursued, the adventure was still one to remember.

So very different than the movie. I wanted to see how much had been changed in the making of it, and wow it was a lot. There are some parts that are word for word and other parts that don’t even seem to be the same story. Of these some are better in the book (Dunstan the dad) while others are better in the movie (Captain Shakespeare, lol). My kids love the movie (ok, so do I) so I simply had to know, while I enjoyed the book, it is not PG-13 as the movie is and I would not let my kids read it - yet. I really do enjoy Neil Gaiman’s ability to take myths, legends, fairytales and folklore and create an interesting and fun adventure. ( )
Sept. 21, 2010

Book - Immortal in Death

Reluctantly determined to get through all the wedding planning, Eve Dallas allowed her best friend Mavis to take her to a designer for a wedding dress. During the meeting, Leonardo’s ex-girlfriend, the supermodel broke in and picked a fight with, everyone. Discovering later that she had been murdered and all the evidence pointed to Mavis, made this murder investigation personal for Eve. Doing every thing by the book all the while trying to find the one piece that would clear Mavis’s name, keeping up with her regular work load, and preparing for her wedding started to take it’s toll on Eve. With nightmares, she started to regain some of her memory from her childhood, all combining to leaving her wondering if she was doing what she should be doing or if she was just fooling herself.

Book 3 ….. The first couple of books, I was not crazy about Eve (but came back for Roarke of course). After reading this one, I get Eve a bit better and can cut her some slack. Really enjoyed the scenes with Mavis and Roarke. For a murder mystery, this one was pretty good, it was easy to see who had NOT done it (Mavis), it was easy to see the connection between the cases, but I enjoyed the fact that for the majority of the book I had no idea who all was involved. Of course in hind sight I maybe should have guessed earlier, but I suppose I was in the mood to be surprised. Eve and Peabody may have taken care of things with the bad guy but in the end, Rourke is still the hero (in my opinion). Marriage might have an interesting effect on Dallas, will have to wait and see in ‘Rapture in Death‘. ( )
Sept. 20, 2010

Book - Dark Peril

So many years spent alone left Dominic of the Dragonseeker line with few options that he liked. Making the decision to help his race find and destroy some of their enemies seemed the most honorable way to him. Action had been taken to follow that course before he realized that he woman he had been dreaming about for so long was real. Finding, freeing and protecting the women of her own race had been Solange Sangria’s self proclaimed duty. The support and encouragement her dream companion offered was the only thing that got her through some of the tough days and nights, realizing he was there for her now in a more real way left her feeling open and vulnerable in a way she had never been before. Their enemies turned out to be common ones, the answer to the threat facing both of their races may be with in them to handle if they can work together.

Book 21 ….. Ok, predictable but I am such a Carpathians fan that I enjoyed it. I liked the tough girl Solange when we first met her and knew that if she got a story it would be fast paced and action filled, and this did not disappoint. The Dragonseeker line has also been a strong lineage but the best parts where the tender moments between these two warriors. As always I liked the inclusion of other characters we have met before and would love to see Zacarias get his own story also (and he needs it soon from the sound of it). I know I have to wait for another year for the next Carpathian book, so interested in seeing who it is for that I will have my eye one Christine Feehans website. ( )
Sept. 15, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Book - The Alchemyst

It was just another day at the bookstore for Josh Newman and the coffee shop for his twin sister Sophie, until Dr. John Dee with his mud men (Golems) showed up wanting the Book of Abraham, which Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perenelle had in the store. The twins find out that they might be a large part of what was happening because of the prophecies included in the book and that they might have a strong magical aura that needed to be awakened. Learning that legends and myths all had more than a grain of truth to it, Nicholas introduces the twins to the world of alchemists, sorcerers, magicians, witches, were animals, immortals and even a vampire.

Book 1 ….. Started this one not having any idea what to expect, I was happily surprised. Not only did it have the mythology and legends, it had the action and character connections to make this a fascinating story. Found Nicholas a bit hard to get a read on (I think that was intentional), really want to see more of Perenelle (think I will in later books) and loved the twins. The character interaction was fantastic, the action was really fast paced, and the fact that the characters are (for the most part) straight out of the history books makes this even more of a page turner. I will definitely continue on with The Magician (book two) in the near future. ( )

Movie - Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey

After spending days reading the classic novel by Jane Austen, I was left wondering if others got something out of it that I didn't. I happened to find a copy of the movie at my library (yeah for Public Library systems) and so thought to see if the interpretation was any better. I was fascinated to find that not only did they cut out several scenes that I thought were pertinent to the story line, but they seemed to rearrange some of the actions and dialog, for some reason I did not like the hero, he acted almost as bad as the villain (whether it was the acting or the script I can not be sure), all this left me even more saddened at not having enjoyed the book any better than I did. I don't believe I would have enjoyed this movie adaptation any better if I had watched it prior to reading the book either. I have enjoyed many of the movie versions of classic books, but this one seems to fall short no matter which way I turn. There are a few Jane Austen's that I have not read or seen the movie version of and my hope is that they are of higher quality than this one was. I know that there is at least one other version of this book in movie form and question whether I want to even try it.

- I do not recommend this movie (that is saying a lot because I very rarely hit that button). I have enjoyed Jane Austen in book and movie form, but not this particular one.

Book - Northanger Abbey

For a classic, I expected too much of this one. I found this one to be rather boring in the suspense of what was going on at Northanger Abbey and while I could tell what Jane Austen was trying to do, it fell short (in my opinion). I did like some of the characters and even some of the story although the constant asides to tell the reader things about the heroine or hero was a bit distracting from the narrative of the story itself. I am interested in finding out if she used this sort of writing style in other works (I simply don't remember). ( )
Sep 9, 2010

Book - The Viking

As with so many historicals, I really enjoyed this one, with the rich history of a culture that to me has been relativity unknown. The proud vikings and the battles they fought, how well Margaret Moore seems to romanticize them. I really enjoyed these characters, the interactions, even with the occasional lack of verbal language, made it enjoyable. I do sometimes wonder where authors come up with names though. Still, I will eventually read the next one (The Saxon) as it seems to have some of the same group of characters in it that I have enjoyed (and learned to pronounce their names).( )
Sep 5, 2010

Book - Bone Garden

The combination of being a medical mystery (finding bones in a garden) and adding the historical story (who the bones belonged to) was good. I really enjoy most historicals and that is the part of this story that kept me the most interested in this book. While I did enjoy bits of the current story line, following both and seeing how they were intertwined with each other was a great way to tell this story. ( )
Sep 4, 2010

Book - Love in the Afternoon

Book 5 ..... The way this one started with the correspondence was interesting. It was a difficult was to get to know the characters (especially under the false pretense), but in the course of the letters, the true nature of each character showed through with vivid colors. While Beatrix has always seemed so young (she is the youngest of the Hathaways), she finally grew up in this one. So nice to see. While there were a few moments seeing other members of the family, I wish for the final installment of this series that there had been more. So sad to see the Hathaways over and can only hope that I will enjoy some of Lisa Kleypas others series. ( )
Sep 3, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Book - Maybe This Time

This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
Engaged to a nice man who adored her, Andromeda (Andie) Miller just wanted to make a fresh clean start, meaning she had to sever all ties with her ex-husband North Archer, including returning his ten years worth of un-cashed alimony checks. Every time he saw her, he still knew that she was the only one he would ever love, hearing she was going to re-marry through him and so he did the only thing he could think of to do, he hired her. It was more of a spooky, creepy castle than any home she had ever been in and it was complete with a mote and a rumor of haunting, but the two young children had lost their mother, then their father, and now their aunt, leaving North their legal guardian and he had only been sending nannies to do the job. Finding a way to convince the kids out of the house was going to be tricky, they needed to trust someone and maybe Andie could be that someone. Less than a month into the deal, Andie realized that she had been dreaming of North and not her fiance. Thinking that might be a bad sign, she broke it off with Will but was still not sure of any future with North. It could have been the ghost that had continually put North on her mind, she had been visiting Andie lately, no matter how hard she tried not to believe in them.

Comedy, Drama, Horror, Suspense - yep, it’s in there. The characters are great, including the ghosts, and their interactions with each other are even better. Jennifer Crusie does such an amazing job of combining contemporary romance with a hit of supernatural. The pre-existing relationship between North and Andie is an emotional rollercoaster - seeing through memories of hers and his the good and the bad of their original relationship and then them coming together (not a spoiler - the romance was predictable from page one). It is partly the romance, but it is also the uninvited guests and the ghosts that make this book so much fun. ( )
flag Sep 1, 2010

Book - Back to the Bedroom

Part of a helicopter fell through her roof, making her week complete. Hearing the crash, David Dodd made his way to his neighbors house only to find that Katherine Finn knew less about it than he did. Busy person was an understatement, Kate was constantly running from lessons, to rehearsal to performances, so Dave took control of covering and repairing the roof, but he also took her to his house when things seemed to get dangerous. Men in the yard, men on the roof, even Kate’s new roommates (Elsie Hawkins) fondness for large gun didn’t make any of them feel safer.

As another of Janet Evanovich’s re-releases (pre-Stephanie Plum) (originally published in 1989), this one is typical of the contemporary romance with the comedy, timing and the far fetched situation that surrounds Dave and Kate. Although I will never forget the helicopter part (camera mount) falling in the house, the rest is of a basic romance quality - fun while it lasts but not much more. ( )
flag Sep 1, 2010